Sandra Bullock Drops F-Bomb on 'Tonight Show'


Sandra Bullock heated things up on Wednesday night's Tonight Show with Jay Leno when she let some foul language jump off her tongue.

An iniquitous "f-bomb" was dropped when The Heat star and the late-night host were discussing the foul language in her upcoming comedy with Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy.

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Bullock explains that the film, centered on her and McCarthy's character's quest to take down a Russian mobster, contains a total of 190 f-bombs, most of which are uttered by McCarthy's character.

"When you drop them, you're just cooler," Bullock says, tongue-in-cheek. "I'm cooler when I drop them."

That comment encourages Leno to ask the 48-year-old actress if she uses foul language in her everyday life, to which she responds by assuring him that she doesn't swear around children.

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Leno highlights that no children are present in the audience, implying that she should give him a sample swear.

"You know, it just makes me f***ing cool when I drop them," Bullock responds to an uproar of applause.

Watch the amusing video for yourself below.