Liev Schreiber Jumps to TV as Fixer 'Ray Donovan'


Liev Schreiber is known more for his big-screen roles, but fans will also get to see him on the small screen in Showtime's new drama Ray Donovan. We caught up with Schreiber and his co-star Jon Voight on the set of the show, which portrays a law firm that attempts to fix potentially disastrous situations for Hollywood's rich and famous.

"He's got a family that he cares about deeply and has a lot of issues with his father (Voight), who is released from prison and tries to reenter his life,"

Schreiber said about playing his fascinating title character. 

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Schreiber adds that while the show's storylines are not all ripped from the headlines, they do represent the real-life scandals of celebrities. "The truth is really the most bizarre thing that there is. And if you go after that, then you've got some great stories," he said. 

Oscar winner Voight said he loves working with Schreiber on the series, which he calls a "tough" show.  "There's really tough stuff going on -- it's funny too. And Liev is wonderful, he's charming, he's dangerous, sexy -- so the girls tell me -- and he's a great actor," he said.

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Watch the video to also hear how Schreiber is handling his switch to TV for Ray Donovan, which premieresthis Sunday at 10 p.m. on Showtime.