'The Bachelorette,' Week 6: Des Ditches the Drama


The Bachelorette takes a tearful turn when Desiree Hartsock discovers that yet another one of her remaining suitors might not be in the competition for the right reasons.

The drama, carried over from week five, concerns James Case, who Drew Kenney and Kasey Stewart claim to have overheard plotting a sexy, carefree life after the competition as well as his hopes to become the next Bachelor.

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Seeing as Drew was gifted with the first one-on-one Monday in Barcelona, Spain, he felt compelled to pass on what James said after the normally shy suitor opened up about his dad's struggle with alcoholism and cancer (wherein he was given a rose).

Shocked, saddened and furious, Desiree thanked her date for his honesty, planning to confront the man in question during their soccer-themed group date the following day.

After Des and her professional team of women players devastated the six men 10-2, the gang regrouped for cocktails where the conversation turned to James' reported bad intentions. Not only did the other guys continue their attack on the sidelines, the Bachelorette confronted the man in the middle of the drama herself, which prompted a tearful response from both parties.

Confused and upset, Desiree decided to forgo the rose ceremony on the group date, going home to think about whether or not to keep James in the running.

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The next day, Des stepped out for a one-on-one with Zak, where the pair enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of learning how to sketch models (including nude ones) as well as each other. Despite somewhat of a disappointing artistic output, the pair relished in taking their minds off of the house drama and, during a romantic, candle-lit date in a cava cave, Zak was gifted with a stem. In his interviews with cameras after the date, the goofy-grinned suitor proclaimed he'd fallen madly in love and can't wait to tell her.

As the final rose ceremony loomed, Desiree decided to confront James in order to resolve their unfinished business. The talk only served to result in denial and tears, leaving her more confused than ever.

When the time finally came around to pass on a flower to three and send three packing, Kasey, James and Juan Pablo were given their walking papers. Chris, Brooks, and Michael (in addition to Zak and Drew) were picked to continue on in Madera for week seven.

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Feeling extremely angry about his elimination on his limo ride back to the hotel, James accused the men in the house of bullying, asking aloud, "Why me?"

Tune in to an all-new Bachelorette next week when Desiree whittles down the final five!