'Bachelorette' Desiree Picks Her Hometown Dates


Five men become four tonight when Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock whittles down the competition for next week's coveted hometown dates. Read on to find out who went home!

Before the pivotal round of dates could begin, Des' Bachelor cohorts Catherine Giudici, Jackie Parr and Lesley Murphy meet up in picturesque Madeira for some much-needed girl time. When talk comes around to who the woman of the hour might ultimately pick, Marketing Analyst Drew was titled the "sweetest" suitor, "best-kisser" and dubbed the "best body" of the bunch.

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After the ladies said their goodbyes, one two-on-one and three one-on-one dates were divvied out to the five, leaving Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried and Michael Garofola with much-desired private time, and Drew Kenney to split his afternoon with Des alongside Zak Waddell.

Though each meetup left Desiree grinning ear to ear, she couldn't help but single out a certain someone in a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison before the final rose ceremony. Brimming with emotion, Des admits she's already in love with Brooks, but can't be sure he is at the same place she is with her feelings.

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When asked how he would feel if invited to hometown week during their romantic, cliff-side picnic overlooking the clouds, Brooks confesses he is "a little behind in the emotional process," but would welcome her with open arms should she want to get to know his family.

Ultimately, of the five, Michael is denied the opportunity to move ahead. Escorting him out, Des is at a loss for words in the face of her suitor's apparent sorrow.

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"I feel like my heart just exploded in my chest," said a teary Michael as he called his mother to deliver the devastating news. "I'm tired of having my heart broken."

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC.