Exclusive Clip: Everyone's Lion on 'Whodunnit?'


For the uninitiated, ABC's Whodunnit? is like CSI meets 10 Little Indians and the reality show contestants are tasked with solving murders in order to "stay alive" (this has been a point of confusion for some viewers who don't understand all the deaths are faked).

For those familiar with the increasingly-addictive reality show, this past week's "murder" featured The Killer's most daring device yet: a mountain lion!

Yes, poor Don (the retired homicide detective, whose inability to piece together clues must have his former colleagues considering re-opening some seemingly-closed cases) was mauled to death by the snarling beast and this week's task involves examining the lethargic lion as you can see from ETonline's exclusive sneak peek clip!

airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.