Nick Talks 'BB15' Eviction, Racism & Elissa!


Power changes hands extremely frequently inside the Big Brother house, but last night's episode featured two seismic shifts as Nick was evicted and Helen won Head of Household. And while live feed viewers are already aware of the insanity that unfolded following Nick's ousting, when I sat down with him this morning, Nick was still unaware that, enraged by his eviction, Aaryn and Gina-Marie verbally attacked Candice, further separating the "Blonde-tourage" from the rest of the house.

"Why did I have to miss that," Nick (jokingly) lamented when I broke down last night's break down for him. But he was privy to a lot of the controversial comments that have already been spewed this season, so I got his take on the racial divide in the house, his unexpected ousting and how the MVP has changed everything. 

ETonline: The look on your face said it all last night, but did you have any idea the house was going to evict you?

Nick Uhas: I did not, no. not at all. I saw how David took it because he no idea -- none! -- so I had mentally prepared myself. But I really thought I was OK because I had a faux-alliance, a real alliance and these reconfirmations throughout the day from very public figures in the game. Then, right at the last minute, I started thinking there could be a coup, and if that happened, the only person who could have pulled it off would be Spencer. But I told myself to suppress my paranoia because all that would have done is damage The Moving Company, so I was suppressing it as hard as I could while still taking precautions.

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ETonline: You hinted to Julie in your eviction interview that you might have done too much, too soon, too publicly. Do you think that was your downfall?

Nick: No because the MVP totally changed the game. It makes everyone 1,000 percent more paranoia and ready to game than usual. In a normal Big Brother schedule, you only have 3 options -- nominees, Veto and replacement. You only have one option for getting backdoored, so if you're not on the block, you're pretty much good to go. With the MVP, you have so options to get backdoored and you have no idea who it’s coming from ... I mean, we pretty much knew it was Elissa, especially when she blackmails you [laughs]. But I think it's the MVP that’s making everyone play so hard, so fast. I'm not disappointed in my gameplay, I'm disappointed in the situation. I feel like I had it in me to go so much further.

ETonline: After you were evicted, Gina-Marie cried -- hysterically -- for a good half-hour. What's the deal with you two?

Nick: I take that as a compliment [laughs]. That's fantastic. It took such a long time for me to warm up to the fact that her feelings could be real that it was almost too late for me to acknowledge those feelings were genuine. I can see it now because, as honest as I was, I was being very cautious with my words. Looking back at it, if [her feelings] were real the whole time, we were so deep. The house puts you in a situation where you need somebody because the house is so crazy, you need someone to vent to. It might not be all gaming all the time, but it's what is on your mind -- and you can’t bromance that conversation.

ETonline: And yet you turned down two showmance opportunities; first with Jessie, then with Gina-Marie. Were you vehemently opposed to a showmance?

Nick: Absolutely, 100 percent. My biggest fear coming into the house was the females. My Achilles Heel was going to be girls, I knew that because I'm so prone to relationships in the real world. It was a slippery slope and I knew that if I got started I wouldn't be able to turn back. I really wanted to put the brakes on all females approaching me, but that Jessie thing was crazy! But it's Jessie, so if it wasn't me, it was Jeremy. If it wasn't Jeremy, it was Judd, so...

ETonline: Controversy has been swirling outside the Big Brother house regarding racist comments made by Aaryn, Gina-Marie and Spencer. Inside the house, what was the perception?

Nick: It's news to me. I was not privy to a lot of those conversations, I wouldn't partake in those kinds of conversations outside the Big Brother house, but I know outside the house, the best way to absolutely drop that conversation is to go radio silent. And for the most part, I was radio silent in the house, but when those conversations came up, I was really silent.

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ETonline: Does it surprise you that all three of those people have been fired from jobs as a result of their comments?

Nick: That's the real world. You cannot do or say those kinds of things in the real world. They may not know that what they're saying or doing can have these kinds of repercussions, but that’s life. It's important.

ETonline: While multiple people have made racially insensitive comments, the bulk have come from Aaryn. What was your opinion of her inside the house?

Nick: I was very unaware of these conversations, so, knowing her personality, it's kind of shocking to learn all of this. She's a sweet girl, very outspoken, but I wouldn't peg her as the kind of person who would release that kind of information about herself to the outside world -- especially since she was being so cautious about what she said inside the house.

ETonline: Ironically, your eviction puts Aaryn, Gina-Marie and Jeremy in the minority. Do you think they stand a chance to win now?

Nick: If they don’t bring people back on board with the "Blonde-tourage," they're doomed.

ETonline: Based on your interview with Julie, it seems like you think Spencer masterminded your eviction. I don't watch the live feeds, but the show made it seem like Elissa, Candice and Helen truly made that happen. Are you surprised they're capable of such complex gameplay?

Nick: That does not surprise me at all. In fact, there was a point in time where I told McCrae that the house should separate into threes: the Blonde-tourage should go on one side with me and Jeremy, McCrae, Amanda and those three [girls] would be a group and then Spencer, Howard, Andy and Judd would be the third group. I don't put it past them, they're smart women, so it doesn't surprise me.

ETonline: It seems like people only hated Elissa because she was Rachel's sister. Is that accurate?

Nick: She would have been much better off if we didn't know. I think it would have been a super huge advantage if she kept that 100 percent to herself. But The MVP was like giving Adderall to the entire house because everyone's brains were constantly going 24/7. You really couldn't hide much in the house. But, yes, the house would have been much more open to accepting her as a "normal member" had she not been Rachel’s sister.

ETonline: Lastly, which houseguest do you think stands the best chance of winning?

Nick: I think Helen or McCrae. I think that because they both have the mental and emotional endurance required. I think everyone else kind of lets too much loose, and they get under people's skin too much. Amanda definitely has the mental game, but her social game is too abrasive. Andy has a good chance of going far because he's neutral, Judd will be at someone's disposal. Spencer has a good chance, but I think he's played too much, too fast. He'll be seen as too untrustworthy very quickly. Howard is very smart, he's played a super low-key game even though he can't hide those muscles. Jeremy is one of my favorites because you know what's on his mind all the time. He'll go far because he's super smart and can actually be physical. But, it's Big Brother, anything can happen.

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