Flashback: Cory and Lea Flirt on 'Glee' Set

Flashback: Cory and Lea Flirt on 'Glee' Set

As the somber news of Cory Monteith's death sinks in for the acting world and fans alike, ET has dusted off an old video from our vault that captures Monteith enjoying life—and even flirting with Glee co-star Lea Michele.

A few months before the premiere of Glee's first season, ET visited the set to get the scoop from Monteith ("Finn Hudson") and Michele ("Rachel Berry") on their characters and their thoughts on the potential for the musical series.

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"My character, there's a...beautiful kind of naïveté to him and he's vulnerable," Monteith says of his character, a jock who ended up enamored with the glee club when forced to join it.

When asked to further describe his character within the confines of a sentence, Monteith describes details his character as "innocent, yet brave and ready to take on the world."

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The then-26-year-old Canadian actor then goes on to decipher the similarities between him and Finn, of which he says there aren't many, given that Monteith grew up a technology buff and not an athlete.

However, there was one similarity he revealed.

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"The thing that me and Finn share as people, as characters, is that there's a certain kind of...altruism or vulnerability to us," he says.

Watch the full flashback above to see Monteith and Michele before Glee premiered in 2009.