Recap: 'Bachelorette' Des Narrows Down Her Final 3


Tonight marked the all-important hometown dates on The Bachelorette as Zak, Drew, Chris and Brooks introduced their families to Desiree Hartsock, the woman they hoped to spend the rest of their lives with. 

The very first visit went to Zak, whose hometown of Dallas, Texas kicked off the daunting trip with a fun snow cone date (his family runs an ice cream truck business) where he was able to prove his prowess as a dad when set with the task of entertaining handfuls of hungry kids eager for an icy treat.

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As the occasion progressed to meeting his family, Des made quite the impression on the bunch, especially on Zak's mom, who confessed she saw "something really special" in the pair. Overjoyed at his mother's approval, Zak orchestrated his very musical family to perform a version of the song he created for Des in Atlantic City. He then concluded the evening by boldly gifting the object of his affections with a "promise" ring, telling her he loves her, which was met with (encouragingly) tears of joy.

Up next, Des was whisked away to Scottsdale, Arizona where Drew was eager to introduce his love to a family member very close to him, his sister Melissa, who suffers with severe developmental disabilities.

Immediately impressed by the love and tenderness he showed for his sister, Desiree was further encouraged of Drew's husbandly qualities after seeing him interact with his family who warmed up to the Bachelorette with record speed.

"I want to join Drew's family. I want to say," confided Desiree after the date.

Overjoyed that the night went better than he imagined it would, Drew confidently told confession cameras, "The next time I see my family, I will be an engaged man."

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Afterwards, Desiree hopped on a plane to McMinnville, Oregon, where Chris kicked off the all-important date with a round of one-on-one baseball which quickly devolved into silliness and kisses.

When time came to meet the fam, Des was met with an eclectic mix of eager-to-love individuals, and she couldn't help but be a fan.

Enamored with his potential daughter-in-law, Chris' dad, a chiropractor, offered the Bachelorette a free session where they got the opportunity to get to know eachother better. Meanwhile, Chris' mom sat her son down for a reality check before breaking down in tears of happiness over the lovely Des.

"She's welcome into our family," she said, breaking down. "You have our blessing."

And last but not least, Des landed in Salt Lake City, Utah, to better know Brooks' family who, quite literally, welcomed her with open arms.

Meeting with the large family, Desiree wasted no time in asking Brooks' mom Janice if he was in a place to become seriously involved and possibly marry, which she answered "yes" to.

Janice relayed the conversation later to Brooks who, by the end of the night, grew more excited and certain at the prospect of making Des his bride.

After meeting all four of the boys' families, Desiree decided to meet up with her own brother for a heart-to-heart, hoping to find her sibling more open to her quest for love on The Bachelorette. Not exactly encouraged by the sit down, Des concluded that she's still on the fence about including him when the guys' finally meet her family.

Additionally, Desiree met up with host Chris Harrison to hash out the pros and cons of keeping any of the four, leading to a surprisingly admission.

"I see a proposal at the end," she confessed. "…with Brooks."

Combined with last week's revelation of the same nature, Des maintained that she still sees a future with the others and couldn't say for sure who might make it to the end.

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When the rose ceremony finally came around, Des passed out her three remaining roses with tears flooding her eyes. Brooks, Chris and Drew were gifted a stem, leaving a dumfounded Zak covered in shock.

As she walked her dismissed suitor out to the waiting limo, Desiree returned the "promise" ring gifted to her, which he promptly threw out of the window when he got into the car.

"I'm going back home to kind of a dark place," he said, exasperated. "I really thought this would work out for me. I don't wanna go back to the life I had because it's a lonely life."

The Bachelorette returns next Monday on ABC with the Men Tell All episode.