Is 'Ghost Shark' The Next 'Sharknado?'


The Twitterverse imploded Sunday night (5,000 Tweets per minute) with the premiere of Syfy's Sharknado and now the network is hoping lightning strikes twice with Ghost Shark!

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Premiering August 22, Ghost Shark revolves around a great white shark that is tortured and killed by a fisherman, but returns from the dead to exact its vengeance on all humans. One of the first victims is Ava's father and the only person who believes that a ghost shark killed her dad is the crazy lighthouse keeper Finch (played by Night Court's Richard Moll). So Ava and her friends take the problem into their own hands as they desperately try to survive the bloody wrath of the ghost shark.

Check out the trailer for Ghost Shark above & decide if you think it will be the next Sharknado!