'Orphan Black' Cast Reflects on Season One Success


The Clone Club has a long wait looming until new episodes of Orphan Black hit the airwaves, but thankfully the cast stopped by Entertainment Tonight's Comic Con interview suite to reveal all they know about season two!

Which is nothing.

Luckily I recently sat down with the Orphan Black creators to talk about the next batch of episodes [read that here] so I was able to let stars Jordan Gavaris, Tatiana Maslany and Dylan Bruce revel in their recent success -- and lavish praise upon one another!

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Check out the charming chat and discover the tunes Tatiana is using to inspire pro-clone Rachel with, if Dylan Bruce has embraced the hashtag #HotPaul and which character pairing surprised Jordan the most!

Orphan Black
season two premieres April 2014 on BBC America and season one is now available on DVD.