'Nikita' Cast Previews Final 6 Episodes, Ever!


Division's done, Nikita's on the run and The CW's ass-kicking, heart-breaking, bone-crunching series is set to come to a close next year.

And while it's certainly understandable that you'd be sad about most of those things, the cast doesn't want fans to start mourning just yet since there are still six episodes headed our way -- hours that Maggie Q says will feel like mini-movies every week!

In addition to finding out what they hope does and does not (like a wedding!) happen in the final season, the Nikita cast has a collective message of love for the fans who've obsessively watched over the last four years. Watch!

And check out Nikita's super cool Comic-Con sizzle reel too!

Nikita's final season premieres in 2014 on The CW.