The 'Grimm' Cast Ponders a Musical Episode


Giddy with Comic-Con energy, Grimm cast mates Sasha Roiz, Russell Hornsby, and Reggie Lee unleashed their impressive vocal talents upon our ET cameras, which naturally had us wondering-- Would the fairy tale series ever gift their viewers with a musical episode?

"We're hopeful," responded Hornsby, describing his ideal "Grimm-sical" as "hip-hop with an R&B twist, with a pop of feel."

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Added Lee, "I think it's been brought up, we're seriously not kidding... Our show runners are very musical. So, we'll see."

Co-stars David Giuntoli and Silas Weir Mitchell, though not entirely sold on the idea, said they would like to find some sort of comprise, given their lack of musical talent, if the series ever decided to run with a musical theme for a future episode.

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"[Giuntoli] would sing-talk, and I would morph-dance," offered Mitchell.

Only time will tell if Grimm will go the way of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scrubs and Fringe, and give the "Grimm-sical" idea a go. Until then, you can catch an all-new batch of non-musical episodes when Grimm kicks off its third season Friday, October 25 on NBC.