'Bones' Stars Talk Romantic Tension in New Season


With the Bones Season 9 premiere just a few months away, we caught up with stars David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel to find out where their on-screen relationship goes after Booth accepts -- then takes back -- a marriage proposal from Bones.

"Love-relationship problems, status of where the two characters are, it's going to be interesting," Boreanaz said of the upcoming season -- kicking off September 16 on FOX -- on the sidelines of the Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

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"There's some exciting stuff going on... We come back and their relationship is not in a good place, as you can imagine, after Booth turned me down," Deschanel revealed. But Boreanaz shoots back, "I didn't turn her down, I just made a little bit of a shift."

Viewers of the Season 8 finale know that Booth's proposal reversal did have noble intentions, but Deschanel points out that Bones is not aware of the back-story. "She doesn't understand why -- nobody does," she said. "I understand why, my character gets it, that's why I'm doing it. I just need more time, I'm buying time," Boreanaz said.

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Watch the video for more, including the two stars' thoughts on the evolution of Comic-Con and what it's like hanging out with die-hard Bones fans during the convention.