'True Blood' Cast Prepares Fans For Bloodshed


Just who will be leaving Bon Temps for good when season six of True Blood comes to a close August 18?

At this year's Comic-Con panel, the fang-tastic series teased a central character's demise, but when approached about the season-ending twist, the cast was, predictably, tight lipped about the outcome.

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"If we don't kill people that we love and care about, then the show loses its jeopardy and its sense of urgency," explained Anna Paquin, who compared the impact of this particular killing to the murder of Sookie Stackhouse's grandmother in season one.

Added cast-mate Rutina Wesley, "Some may like it, some may not… Everyone has their favorite character but, I mean, we're a big family so I think whether you're a guest star, recurring, or whoever it is, it hurts."

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While many characters have come and gone in True Blood's six years, the cast reveals that this death positively gutted the close-knit crew.

"Even at the table read, it was a struggle to get through that scene," remembered Robert Kazinsky, "and you'd look around at the end of it…"

"And everyone's actually crying," said Paquin.

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Click the video to see our entire interview with the cast, including insight (from Ryan Kwanten himself) into this season's steamy and very memorable shaving scene.

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.