'Walking Dead' Cast Dish on Rabid Fanbase


Since the show shoots in Georgia, The Walking Dead cast rarely gets to experience their fans' fervor in person, but this year's Comic-Con was one of those chances.

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"To come here and get this outpouring of love for something we worked really hard on just feels really great for all of us," said Norman Reedus.

"What we're witnessing here and every other Comic-Con is insane," Andrew Lincoln agreed. "It's beyond all expectations."

Conversely, David Morrissey elicits a big reaction on the other end of the spectrum for his character's warped sense of justice.

"If people didn't boo me, I wouldn't be doing a good job," Morrissey said with a shrug.

Watch the video for more. The fourth season of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 13 at 9/8c on AMC.

And to get people in the Walking mood, a fun and frightening maze based on the show will be resurrected (inspired by the prison and Woodbury in season three) at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort when Halloween Horror Nights kicks off on Friday, September 20.