EXCLUSIVE: Meet Arsenio Hall's Posse 2.0

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Arsenio Hall's Posse 2.0

Music was an integral part of The Arsenio Hall Show of the '90s and the comedian's new show looks like it will continue the tradition.

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Arsenio's posse is back with faces both new and old, and the talk show host gave ET an exclusive introduction to the band.

Robin DiMaggio is on double duty as musical director and drummer, Alex Al gets the party started on bass, Sean Holt holds it down on sax, Rob Bacon rocks out on guitar and Victoria Theodore brings the fire on keys.

Fans will remember Bill Clinton covering Heartbreak Hotel with The Arsenio Hall Show band in 1992 and today Arsenio has set his sights on the sitting POTUS.

"I would love to have him on, but do you think he knows who I am?" Arsenio joked.

Only time will tell, as The Arsenio Hall Show premieres September 9.

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