Galecki: 'Big Bang's' Huge Success Is 'Shocking'

Galecki: 'Big Bang's' Huge Success Is 'Shocking'

The Big Bang Theory
has emerged as one of television's most popular comedies, not only with viewers but with the critics as well. As the show approaches its seventh season, ET caught up with stars Johnny Galecki and Melissa Rauch at Comic-Con.

As the comedy series has slowly inflated in popularity over its six seasons, averaging over 18 million viewers and notching eight pending Emmy nominations for Season 6, Big Bang's cast has been thriving in success.

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"It's shocking with every single step," Johnny Galecki ("Leonard Hofstadter") said of the show's massive success. "...It's just kind of snowballed in a very slow, healthy climb. ... It's just been good fortune after good fortune, and fortunately this is a group of people that [success] only makes us work harder."

Now that the Chuck Lorre-created sitcom has found its niche in primetime television, it has amassed a colossal following, which has brought it into the forefront of pop culture.

"We've struck a chord in pop culture, I suppose, which [is impressive because] I can't even follow pop culture right now," Galecki added.

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After tallying three consecutive years of five Emmy nominations (two of which resulted in statuettes), Big Bang is up for a series-high eight nominations at this year's ceremony, yet another boost for the successful series.

"I was so, so excited," Melissa Rauch ("Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz") said of the bevy of Emmy nods the show recently received. "It's...just an honor to be on the show in general and I can't believe my good fortune as far as that's concerned. So, to get invited to the Emmys, it's amazing; it's just icing on a very delicious cake."

For more with the Galecki and Rauch at Comic-Con, check out the video above. The Big Bang Theory will return for Season 7 on September 26 at 8 p.m. on CBS.