'Beauty & the Beast' Stars Dish on Season 2

'Beauty & the Beast' Stars Dish on Season 2

Beauty & the Beast stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk sat down with ET at Comic-Con to talk about what's coming up for season two of the hit CW show, but brace yourselves fans -- you might not like what you're about to hear!

While the romance between Ryan's Vincent and Kreuk's Catherine has kept viewers on the edge of their seats all season long, the show's stars confirm that things won't exactly be easy going forward for the star-crossed lovers.

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"They're pulled apart and we're going to discover what Vincent has been turned into, I guess," Ryan says. "And it's sort of like, 'Who am I?'" Is he beast, or is he man? He has to sort of rediscover that and navigate a new relationship with Catherine. ... We were pushed together very quickly in season one -- a lot because the fans were sort of, you know, chanting for it -- so we gave it to them, but now, for objectivity, we need to regroup again."

"Well, they need to earn it," Kreuk adds about their characters. "You don't know that it's really love until there's been some difficulty, and that's going to be the season. Jay mentioned the 'Who am I?' thing and that's kind of the theme of our entire season for all of the characters. It's really discovering who they are on their own."

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Check out the video for Jay's "spoiler alert," and why Catherine's parentage will play a huge role in season two!

Beauty & the Beast returns to the CW October 7.