'Intelligence' Cast Talks TV's Smartest New Show

'Intelligence' Cast Talks TV's Smartest New Show

Intelligence stars Josh Holloway, Marg Helgenberger and Meghan Ory took time out at Comic-Con to dish to ET about what's sure to be the smartest show of 2014.

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Josh takes the lead on the upcoming show, playing an agent who can access the entire electromagnetic spectrum due to a microchip implanted in his brain. The 44-year-old actor described the character as "a thinking man's hero."

"He's got all the action involved but it's also the technology of today," Josh explained. "It appeals to intellectuals who are up on today's newest technology."

Marg, 54, noted the show's particular relevance in the face of current events, saying, "The aspect of cyber defense and cyber security -- I think all these NSA leaks that have happened I think has just made people a little bit more interested as to exactly what does the government know."

And for those that prefer watching good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat, Once Upon a Time's Meghan Ory, 30, assured that there's something for them as well.

"There's a lot of punching and jumping and shooting," said Meghan.

"I think there's a little bit for everyone," Marg agreed. "There's never a dull moment."

Intelligence is set to premiere Monday, February 24, 2014, at 10 p.m. on CBS.