Yvette on 'Community' Syndication, Donald Leaving

Yvette on 'Community' Syndication, Donald Leaving

ET caught up with the cast of NBC's Community -- sans Joel McHale, at Comic-Con International, where it was all fun and games for the peacock network's little cult hit that could.

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While Joel takes charge in the comedy as the inspiring, but lazy Jeff Winger, in his absence Yvette Nicole Brown did her best to discuss exciting new Community developments amidst her ensemble's collective goldfish-like attention span.

The lively atmosphere could be attributed to a number of things. The cast was at Comic-Con, surrounded by adoring fans -- far, far, away from any Nielsen viewers. The show moves into syndication starting this fall. Their respected (although controversial) show creator, Dan Harmon, is returning to the program. And, last but not least, the rabid fan base that's been fighting off impending cancellation for Community since nearly the beginning are now gearing up for season five. It's not #sixseasonsandamovie yet, but it's close.

The news at Greendale has not all been good, however. Yvette also discussed Donald Glover's upcoming early departure from the series, to focus more on his music persona, Childish Gambino.

"Just because you don't see them on-set, doesn't mean you don't see them... We all still talk and see each other."

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Yvette offered no details on how the show will deal with the tragic ending to the greatest bromance in TV history, Troy and Abed, but did discuss Community's upcoming syndication -- September 16 across the nation, and September 20 on Comedy Central.

Check out the video above to see our entire Comic-Con interview with the cast, including their plug for The Way, Way Back, a new movie from Oscar-winner Jim Rash (the man we know as Dean Pelton), in theaters now.