'Extreme' Workout Brings Contestant to Tears


On the next all-new episode of Extreme Weight Loss, trainer Chris Powell literally takes out the boxing gloves in an effort to help a contestant lose some of her 327 pounds. But as we see in this sneak peek clip, 25-year-old stylist Chantell struggles to keep pace and is brought to tears during one intense gym session.

In the episode -- airing Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC -- it is also revealed that despite her sincere desire to change, Chantell constantly faces challenges from family members who think she's already the perfect size and who try to persuade her to abandon daily exercise and diet changes.

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"I believe that my mom does not want me to succeed -- that it is in some way sabotage -- so she can feel okay about her life," Chantell explains.

Click the video for more, including a preview Chantell sparring with her inspiring trainer in a bid to reach her weight loss goals. 

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