'BB15' Evictee Kaitlin Talks Mean Girls Label


'BB15' Evictee Kaitlin Talks Mean Girls Label

Last night, Kaitlin Barnaby became the fourth person voted out of the Big Brother house, partly because of her alliance with Jeremy, Gina-Marie and Aaryn. That union has also led America to celebrate her eviction, despite the fact Kaitlin was never as venomous as her cohorts.

I caught up with Kaitlin this morning to talk about the house's racial divide, her eviction and her big Big Brother regrets!

ETonline: How do you feel about your performance in the Big Brother house?

Kaitlin Barnaby: I definitely thought I was going to go further in the game, so I'm disappointed, but I'm happy I made it five weeks. Gotta be glass half full.

ETonline: This has already been a very combative season. What was the vibe inside the house like at first?

Barnaby: It was awkward, to say the least. It was hard because you don't know which side to pick, there are a lot of floaters. We thought the MVP twist would eliminate the floaters, but in reality it created more floaters. It's hard. People are very deceiving. I was too trusting at first, I thought that was my downfall.

ETonline: You think that was a bigger downfall than who you aligned with?

Barnaby: Definitely.

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ETonline: You seemed a little surprised last night when Julie Chen told you America was calling you, Gina-Marie and Aaryn "Mean Girls."

Barnaby: I had a feeling it was coming because of Aaryn. Gina-Marie is very catty but she has a good heart. Us three together shocked me because I was nice to everyone in that house. I was warm-hearted, I wasn't mean to anyone in any way -- maybe I said a few things behind people's backs, but it was never malicious.

ETonline: Did you guys have a feeling America was MVP this week?

Barnaby: We had a feeling. It was either Elissa and America.

ETonline: And Aaryn was America's first choice, but she was already on the block.

Barnaby: I knew it! I knew it!

ETonline: What do you think about the fact your two closest allies were two of the three people America wanted out of the house?

Barnaby: It surprised me with Gina-Marie. She's a very fun person, but I clearly don't know how America views her.

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ETonline: Well both of them have lost jobs as a result of their comments in the house.

Barnaby: So I learned! I'm actually shocked by that. A lot of the things said in the house weren't said in front of me. They knew I would shut down inappropriate language used in front of me, I don't know. I'm shocked and surprised that it's even in their personalities. It's hard to learn something like that about people you're close to.

ETonline: Well, a lot of hateful comments were said in your presence. Do you think because the houseguests are the ones voting you out, the Big Brother house dynamic prevents you from speaking out against hate speech?

Barnaby: Yeah, completely. You don't want to step on any toes. I'm an awkward person, so I'm awkwardly laughing the whole time because I don't know how else to handle it. It's awkward.

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ETonline: Last night you told Julie Andy's vote to evict hurt you the most. That was a relationship we didn't see on TV. How close were you?

Barnaby: I love Andy. That's not even past tense, even though he hurt me. After Jeremy left, I felt vulnerable but Andy had my back. There were times we sat there and cried and said we had each other's backs, so I'm hurt he didn't vote to keep me.

ETonline: You were overheard saying that gays were "untrustworthy in this game" -- what did you mean by that?

Barnaby: I don't even really remember saying that, it must have been something in terms of game play because I stood up for him, more or less, when derogatory terms were being thrown around about gay people.

ETonline: Compared to Aaryn, Jeremy and Gina-Marie, you were definitely more politically correct, yet you're getting lumped in with them. Do you feel like collateral damage?

Barnaby: Oh yeah, I'm guilty by association with America, and it's the same reason I was voted out of the house. Coming into the house is so hard, you never know who is going to end up in power or be strong -- if anything, I wish I stayed more neutral and not aligned with Jeremy and Aaryn, two very aggressive people. I feel like that's where I went wrong!

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