'Sister Wives' Daughter Wants Plural Marriage


'Sister Wives' Daughter Wants Plural Marriage

Viewers of the show Sister Wives have heard family patriarch Kody Brown say that he doesn't push his polygamist views on others -- including his own children, who have expressed differing views on whether they will follow his lifestyle choice. But one of his daughters is now going on the record that she fully intends to embrace the practice of plural marriage.

In a new clip from the TLC series posted by Today.com, Mariah -- daughter of Brown's first wife Meri -- reveals her marriage intentions for the first time. Brown has four wives and a total of 17 children.

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"There's a stereotype that polygamous women don't go to college and don't get an education," 17-year-old Mariah says in the clip. "That's not me, because I want an education and I want to become a doctor -- but I also want to live plural marriage."

Meri explains her views on the subject that she also conveys to the children. "Kody's always said that you should not live plural marriage unless you feel the call to it -- you don't just do it just to try it out. I completely agree with him on that. And I think that Mariah has had that calling. She just feels that."

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In the clip, Mariah's sister Mykelti (daughter of Brown and his third wife, Christine) says she envisions Mariah's polygamous family having four wives and 23 children. But another sister, Madison (Brown's oldest daughter with his second wife, Janelle), expresses surprise at that number. "Four?!" she asks. Madison made her own views known last season when she revealed that plural marriage was not for her. "I would not be able to share my husband like that," she explained.