New Clip: Will Bulloch Family Take in New Boy?


In an exclusive new clip from Wednesday's episode of Bulloch Family Ranch, son Brodie Bulloch asks his dad Rusty if it's possible for the family to take in a young man he knows.

In the conversation, held while mucking out a stall, Brodie asks if local high school football player Jordan can come live with them.

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Dad Rusty takes his request into consideration, but points out, "Brodie, it [isn't] just as easy as a kid moves in. No. 1, where's he going to sleep? No. 2, it's double the food. Double everything else."

Tune in to Wednesday's episode to find out if the family ends up welcoming Jordan to their home, and also to see what surprises Rusty and Julie have in store for each other for their wedding anniversary. Bulloch Family Ranch airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on UP TV.