SYTYCD Week 5: Contestants Are Pushed to Limit

SYTYCD Week 5: Contestants Are Pushed to Limit

There's no denying the athleticism and intense training of a professional dancer. But for the contestants on So You Think You Can Dance, they are inevitably pushed to their physical and emotional limits week after week and last night was no exception.

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"You're talking about athletes. So any form of athleticism is going to cause injury," Nigel Lythgoe remarked.

Between the opening number, partner routines and now the additional mini-group performance, these kids are putting in the work. And if Curtis' shoulder injury is any indication, this isn't your everyday reality competition show.

Save for the bottom three boys (Curtis, Alan and Nico) who were not asked to perform their solos and Makenzie who was (deservedly) saved by the judges this week, Alexis and Jasmine had the added pressure of performing a solo for survival. Eventually it was Curtis and Alexis who were sent home packing.

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Watch the video above to hear how Amy recovered from another potential injury during last night's routine and just how difficult it was for partners Jasmine and Aaron not to drop that apple!