Gordon Ramsay on Simon Cowell Becoming a Father


As stars of FOX shows celebrated the dawn of a new season for their shows, a member of the FOX family, Simon Cowell, will reportedly have something to celebrate in the months to come: his first child. ET asked some of the FOX stars what kind of dad they think Cowell will be.

"Generous, loving, and I think he's...going to make a great dad," said chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay."

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Cowell is reportedly expecting a child with Lauren Silverman, the wife of his friend Andrew Silverman. The television mogul has yet to make any public comments in direct response to the matter.

"I do not know him, but I hope he has a wonderful time being a father," said The Mindy Project's Ed Weeks ("Jeremy Reed"). "I'm sure he'll be a very good dad. That's all I can say 'cause I'm afraid of him."

As for the reason he was in attendance at Thursday evening's FOX party, Ramsay, who has starred in and hosted a slew of cooking shows, will star in a new spin-off of his series MasterChef targeted at children called Junior MasterChef.

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"First of all, they're talented. They're cool," Ramsay said of the young chefs, three of whom stood with him on the press line. "I think if you can plant that seed in their mind so young, even if they don't pursue it as a career, learning how to cook for yourself...is as important as English or math. We got some talent hear, I'm telling you."

Weeks was enthusiastic as well about the upcoming season of his show. He revealed that his character will be welcoming a new addition to his family—of sorts.

"They're casting my dad at the moment," the British actor said. "So, that's hopefully going to go out to some wonderful British actor—very handsome, no doubt."

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Weeks revealed as well that there will be more exploration into the supporting characters this season. Creator Mindy Kaling also teased the happenings of her character, "Mindy Lahiri."

"The character's been single for a while, so that's going to be fun seeing her back missing love and wishing she had a boyfriend because I think ultimately that can be more fun and relatable," the 34-year-old actress and writer previewed.

Watch the full video above for more with the stars of FOX's family of networks, including cast members from New Girl and Bones.