Stan Lee Gets Animated for 'Spider-Man'


Legendary Marvel Comics master and Spider-Man creator Stan Lee is getting animated for the newest episode of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD, and we have an exclusive clip from Sunday's show -- cleverly titled Stan By Me -- of Stan saving Spidey from The Lizard!

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"I play a janitor. Now, that doesn't sound like the most glamorous role for a superhero like me, but I feel being the janitor in this show is a pivotal role -- everything sort of depends on me keeping the set clean and the floors polished," Stan tells ETonline with his trademark humor. "I don't know why they made me a janitor, but it's a lot of fun. As long as I'm in the cartoon, I'm happy, and the [Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man] cartoons are wonderful."

In Sunday's episode, airing on Disney XD at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT, Spidey must depend on Mary Jane, Harry and the secret abilities of Stan the Janitor to track down the nefarious Lizard when Midtown High suffers from a power-outage.

"The janitor that I play in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man is really, I like to think, a pivotal character; I mean, the story couldn't exist without him," he says with a laugh. "I may not have much to do, I may not come on very often, but when I'm on the screen there you know something's happening!"

Stan adds that his animated counterpart is "very flattering -- they have me a few years younger than I am, they have me very spry, and I'm great with that mop. I can wield that thing like a weapon."

Looking back on all the incredible superheroes that Stan created or co-created, from X-Men and The Fantastic Four to Hulk, Silver Surfer and of course The Avengers, Stan singles out his favorite for us.

"I think probably Spider-Man for two reasons: One, he's the character that people expect me to say, and two, he's probably the most popular, the most successful, the best-known around the world," says Stan. "He was the first one that really broke away from the tradition; he was the first teenage superhero, I think he was the first superhero with a lot of personal problems, and I think that his power of shooting webs and sticking to walls and so forth like a real spider was a very unusual one, so I think I'll have to go with Spider-Man."

Happy 90th Birthday, Stan Lee!

Asked if there was one superhero creation that didn't do so well that he'd like to have a second crack at, he responds, "The only one I would like to have another run at as a movie would be Daredevil. I would like to see another Daredevil movie done where Daredevil is a little closer to the personality that he had in the comic books, because I think he should have been a bigger hit than he was, and I would like a second chance at that one."

'Nuff said!