'Siberia' Sneak Peek: Joyce's Gruesome Injury


As the competition continues to intensify on the drama series Siberia, each contestant seems to be at a greater risk of danger, which is demonstrated on the coming episode when a contestant is gravely injured.

In the featured clip, we see that contestant Irene Szuchun Ye has walked into a perilous situation. She's been caught in a large trap and is screaming for help as her leg remains stuck in the contraption.

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Her fellow contestants immediately rush to her assistance, but are careful in removing the trap out of her leg with the understanding that it could lead to fatal bleeding if not performed properly.

After they finally remove the contraption out of her leg, Irene lets out an excruciated shriek and the team then lifts her up and rushes her to safety. Irene's life-threatening injury comes after a contestant, Tommy, perished in the very first episode after straying from the group.

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There is plenty of drama that precedes Irene's accident, as well, as Carolina reveals her true identity as an actress, which causes the other contestants to inquisitively prod her after Joyce's accident.

Watch the clip above for a sneak peek at the drama-filled episode of Siberia, which airs tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC.