Desiree & Chris: We Don't Watch Any Brooks Footage


Season nine of The Bachelorette featuring Desiree Hartsock turned out to have one of the most dramatic season finales in the history of the ABC show, when Brooks Forester -- who appeared to be Desiree's clear favorite -- decided to go home because his feelings were not strong enough for her.

Desiree was completely heartbroken at the time and left sobbing -- so how does her now-fiancé Chris Siegfried feel about watching the intense footage?

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It turns out he hasn't watched it, and doesn't plan to anytime soon.

"I actually didn't watch too much of it," Chris surprisingly tells ET. "We decided pretty early on that we would only -- or I would only -- watch the parts that her and I shared together, so I kind of held true to that, and just watched my portion of the show every time it aired. We've built so much and that's the thing that people don't get to see right now, is the real-time. And there's just no reason to kind of rehash the past or old memories."

As for Desiree, she maintains that there's no bad feelings between her and Brooks despite their seemingly tense encounter at the After the Final Rose special.

"He seemed very nervous. I think that's because he didn't know what had happened with the show," she says about their awkwardness with one another. "But I feel like that day in Antigua, we were so honest with each other, that that was the closure we both needed. So I didn't have too many questions for him, or, I don't have any hard feelings."

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Desiree and Chris also dish that they're planning for their wedding to take place summer of next year, though they're unsure if it will be televised.

"That's something that we've discussed, but we both know that we want it to be intimate," Desiree says. "But we'll decide when that time comes if it really caters to what we see for our wedding ... small and intimate for our friends and families."

Check out the video to hear what's next for the engaged couple now that the cameras won't be around, and how they feel about the new Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis!