Inside Dannielynn Birkhead's World


Anna Nicole Smith's little girl Dannielynn turns seven one month from today, and the pint-sized beauty's dad, Larry Birkhead, recently welcomed cameras inside their home for a rare look at the duo's life outside of the spotlight.

In a sneak peek of the special airing this Sunday on OWN, Larry says he tries to make the best of Anna Nicole's absence every day, which often means being the coolest "mom" he can be to the six year old.

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"Sometimes she wants to put makeup on me, or fingernail polish or whatever, and I try to go along with it 'cause I figure if her mom were here, she would be doing some of the same things," Larry explains as Dannielynn decorates his digits with an array of colors.

Though she has yet to comprehend other people's interest in her, Larry reveals that she is starting to grasp her fame.

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"Dannielynn knows that there's this curiosity factor," he says," because of who her mom was, and that she's famous and that people want to know about her."

Where Are They Now? featuring Larry and Dannielynn airs this Sunday on OWN.