Exclusive Clip: 'Jungle Gold' Men Face Decisions


When Jungle Gold returns for its second season, gold prospectors George Wright VI and Scott Lomu are faced with a decision: get another job or continue to pursue their dreams of striking a fortune with gold panning. ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek at the season premiere.

George and Scott originally packed their bags and left their families in the U.S. with the hope of becoming millionaires, but as we're reminded in clip, fate had it quite the opposite.

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The duo's gold-mining excursion to Ghana resulted in failure, as they only managed to find $14,000 worth of gold in the Ghanaian jungle, but also landed in a massive combined debt of more than $1 million.

When Discovery picks up with the story of the two men, we discover that Scott—and likely George as well—hasn't found life any easier since returning to the U.S. from the failed journey to Ghana.

Although he has already experienced brute failure in the craft that he loves, Scott hasn't ruled out the possibility of gold panning to bring himself out of debt. His wife hasn't either.

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"I think he needs to go and finish what he started," Scott's wife, Andrea, says. "There's nothing more I would want than to have him stay here and get a job and come home at night and be with our family, but I really, truly feel like that's not going to be the best thing for us."

Watch the exclusive clip above and check out the Season 2 premiere of Jungle Gold August 11 at 10 p.m. on Discovery.