Telenovela Stars Talk Steamy Love Scenes


With their new telenovela Santa Diabla now on-air, ET's Rocsi Diaz met up with Carlos Ponce and Aarón Díaz to explore the new show—and interrogate them about the steamy love scenes on telenovelas.

"When you add the slow motion, the music, the lighting, and you don't get to see the 25 people in the room along with you, I guess it looks a little bit better than it actually feels," said Ponce ("Humberto Cano").

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Although the love scenes don't have the same allure on set as they do when they appear on screen, the love triangles that are usually created out some of those love scenes can yield excitement on set.

With love triangles—or love rectangles or octagons, as the men put it—promised on Santa Diabla, Ponce also teased the show as unique within the melodrama-telenovela format.

"In this case, [the storytelling] is very different," the 40-year-old Puerto Rican actor and singer said. "We're actually very proud that we're coming out with a...telenovela that is very different 'cause this is a whodunit thriller kind of deal. It's very intriguing, very different, and nothing is what it seems."

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Díaz ("Santiago Cano") elaborated on what viewers can expect from the series, which will air weeknights on Telemundo.

"It's a thriller, so you're going to definitely be hooked on it," the 31-year-old Mexican actor previewed. "You're going to see a lot of sexy people...and you're going to see Carlos Ponce completely naked in the first episode, so don't miss it."

Watch the full video above for more from Ponce and Díaz on their new telenovela and what they look for in a woman.

Santa Diabla
airs weeknights at 10 p.m. on Telemundo.