Anna Camp on Sarah's 'True' Descent Into Madness


The vampires of True Blood have squared off with a host of supernatural baddies over the years, but the biggest threat to their species' survival has, twice, come in the stylish shape of one very determined human: Miss. Sarah Newlin.

Her first plan to de-fang the planet went awry, and in last week's episode we saw just how far Sarah was willing to go to ensure her second stab stuck! Now, with just two episodes left in the show'ssixth season (their best in years), ETonline caught up with the equally divine, but significantly less devilish, Anna Camp to talk all about Sarah Newlin's first murder, her descent into madness and the game-changing finale that promises to rewrite the rules of True Blood!

ETonline: What was your reaction to reading last week's script, where Sarah murdered Ms. Suzuki with a stiletto?

Anna Camp: Michael McMillian, who plays my ex-husband, read the script before me and he called me, like, "Dude! Did you see this scene you have?!?!" I was excited beyond belief. I've never done a fight scene to that extent, and never murdered someone on camera before. I've been so thrilled to have such great things to do all season long, but I was really excited about that. It's right in my wheelhouse because I love playing shocking and weird moments you wouldn't expect from a character. We really went for it ... but I think my mom is scared of me now [laughs].

ETonline: That fight scene ended up sending you to the hospital, right?

Camp: Yeah, it was one take during the scene when Suzuki discovers we're contaminating the True Blood. Tamlyn [Tomita, who plays Suzuki] throws me down to the floor and I hit my head. They didn't put in the take where I hit my head, but the scene where I stand up and run after her is the take I hit my head during. I got a minor concussion, so the next day I was barking like a dog and had to relearn how to speak English and tie my shoes [laughs].

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ETonline: Oh! I would have assumed you hurt yourself running around in those high heels. That looked super tough.

Camp: Yeah, that was actually really treacherous. We had to be really careful running up on that catwalk ... even running really fast in the hallway was tough. I had these high-heeled cowboy boots on, so I was better off than Tamlyn, who was really running in those heels. Luckily our ankles were fine.

ETonline: I think my favorite moment was actually right after Sarah killed Suzuki. You thought she was going to feel remorse, but says, "Thank you, Jesus!" I was shocked when she felt her actions were justified.

Camp: Oh yeah, I think every single thing she gets away with this season, and everything that propels her forward -- from Truman's death to murdering Suzuki -- is a sign from God that she is on the right path to removing vampires from the earth. Every single thing that goes her way is just fueling Sarah's belief that she's God’s tool and he is working through her. I don't think she sees it this way, but as the actress playing it, she's using God as an excuse to commit these horrific things, and that's the scariest type of person around. I mean, she is clearly building her own reality.

ETonline: Do you think Sarah is going crazy or is this who she's always been?

Camp: I think she is losing her mind. She's always been easily swayed and seen everything as black or white; not a lot of grey area with Sarah. And with the things that have happened to her; Steve becoming a vampire and losing her sister to V, have all contributed to her losing it. I fear she's going to be dead or in a loony bin one of these days.

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ETonline: Well, the preview for next week shows Jason shoving a gun into her throat. How scared should we be for Sarah?

Camp: Well, I can't say what happens, but we do get to see Sarah at the end of her rope and begging for her life.

ETonline: I wasn't too surprised with how Sarah returned to the world of True Blood because I always believed she was the one who pulling Steve's strings. And with Truman she proved to be the ultimate anti-vampire puppetmaster. How much of this was actually her masterplan though?

Camp: Obviously she didn't anticipate that she'd be put in a position of such power, and I don't know if she was ready for that, but she's decided she's ready to take control. I think she wanted to be the woman behind the man and slowly work her way up. But she's very Lady Macbeth and it's been interesting to see how she's reacted when faced with his death.

ETonline: It was equally interesting to see you kiss his severed head.

Camp: I just decided to do that too. It wasn't in the script and I'm so glad they kept it in [the episode] because I heard they were worried it went too far. I mean, it's True Blood. Come on guys! The head just looked so much like Arliss [Howard, who played Truman Burrell], and I just felt like since I was holding it in my hands the next logical move was to kiss it! My dad kept insisting I kissed his nose, but I just think he's refusing to believe I kissed the lips.

ETonline: You're really just traumatizing your parents with this role!

Camp: Oh, add it to the list [laughs]. But those are the days when you're like, "This is the best job in the world!" I always like to be a step ahead of the audience by surprising them and the best way to do that is to not hold back. The actors I admire are the ones who keep me on my toes, and I feel like the writers really allowed me to go there on True Blood this season, I'm so thankful.

ETonline: Is there a feeling of "everything happens for a reason," since you wouldn't have been able to return as Sarah if The Mindy Project didn't write your character off?

Camp: Absolutely! I was so excited to be a part of The Mindy Project, it just turned out my character didn't quite fit in along with their plans for the show. I was doing a lot of phone conversations on Mindy, and I would much rather be murdering someone with a stiletto or making out with a severed head than talking to someone on the phone. That's just what I want to do, so I'm glad it worked out the way it did and I'm thrilled Mindy was picked up for a second season.

ETonline: There are two episodes left this season, what are you excited for fans to see with the finale?

Camp: Fans can expect to see the vampires changing the way they can live in the world. You've seen a little bit of that with Bill walking in daylight. I think True Blood has a certain set of rules of how the characters live in the world, but that's about to change. It expands the show in a way that will excite and interest the fans. It's also kind of shocking!

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