Fall TV Preview: 'Mom'


Anna Faris and Allison Janney team up for Faris' TV series debut and Janney's return as a quarrelling mother-daughter duo in Mom. The two sat down with ET to give you an introduction to the new CBS series.

The series follows Faris' "Christy," a single mother of two who has struggled with her share of vices and now tries to get her life back on the right track while concurrently maintaining her sobriety and being a good mother.

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Her struggles with motherhood result not just from her early pregnancies but also the lack of a good mother in her household growing us, as her mother, "Bonnie" (played by Janney), wasn't exactly a role model to her.

"It's a very complicated mother-daughter relationship. We're trying to make a connection again after a long time," Janney said. "We haven't spoke to each other because of some bad parenting choices on my part [and] some bad daughter choices on her part."

Their reconnection occurs when Christy attends an AA meeting and discovers her mother to be there after she takes her turn at the podium. Bonnie then decides to become a more integral part in Christy and her children's lives and vows to become the good mother she never was to Christy.

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While the two play characters at odds on the small screen, they were both longwinded about their respect and admiration for the other in real life.

However, much like their on-screen relationship, the two admitted that their real-life relationships with their mothers aren't always pleasant. Faris revealed a recent rule that she enacted for her mom to limit her nagging.

"I've had to recently tell my mom that she's allowed to give me three pieces of advice per day," the 36-year-old actress shared. "When she tries for that fourth one, I'm like, 'No, no, no! Mom, you got the limit. You can tell me tomorrow!' I got a whole lecture about garbage-disposal cleanliness this morning."

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Watch the video above for more from Faris and Janney on their new series Mom, which premieres September 23 at 9:30 on CBS, including their thoughts on working with creator Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory).