Fall TV Preview: '2 Broke Girls'

Fall TV Preview: '2 Broke Girls'

Although they started out 2 Broke Girls, "Max Black" (Kat Dennings) and "Caroline Channing" (Beth Behrs) are welcoming the prospect of financial stability—or at least so they hope. Dennings and Behrs give ET a preview of what viewers can expect this upcoming season.

For two seasons, Max and Caroline have experienced their share of hardships attempting to grow their own cupcake business. However, at the end of Season 2, the gals saw a light at the end of the tunnel that may help resurrect their struggling venture.

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"Season 2, we left off on some sort of cliffhanger with the whole walk-up window that they found, so it'll be exciting to see where that all goes," Behrs previewed, making reference to a window the girls discover in last season's finale that they think may be a perfect spot to re-launch their business.

While the girls are by no means wealthy, they have finally eliminated their debt and are on a route to prosperity, assuming all continues to go well with their budding business.

"They might finally find some success with the walk-up window that they weren't expecting and we'll see them deal with that," Dennings said. "It'll be fun, I think, for people that like the show to watch them deal with something working out for once, and maybe they don't have to struggle so much. I think that'll [sic] be fun storylines for us."

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Although the comedy series' titular characters have taken a while to warm up to one another, Dennings and Behrs maintain that they have been good friends from the inception of the project, which they say has been incorporated into the show.

"In Season 1, Kat and I were just getting to know each other. We were immediate friends, but the characters were still [divided]," Behrs recounted. "Then, Season 2 they became closer as friends and the writers saw our relationship and how goofy we are off set, and I think that they started to write that in to Season 2 a little bit."

As production for the forthcoming season has only just begun, the quirky duo was sparse on details for Season 3, but did reveal an interesting tidbit.

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"We do know that Max is probably going to have a new love interest, but we don't know who yet," Behrs teased. "But that'll be exciting."

Watch the video for more from the cast of 2 Broke Girls on Season 3, which premieres September 23 at 9 p.m. on CBS.