Fall TV Preview: 'The Michael J. Fox Show'


With Michael J. Fox about to make his return to series television in his self-named series The Michael J. Fox Show, ET caught up with stars Betsy Brandt and Wendell Pierce to hear all about the new comedy.

Although Fox has appeared on television since his exit from Spin City in 2001, he has yet to star in a series since then, making his decade-long hiatus create plenty of anticipation for the fall premiere of The Michael J. Fox Show.

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The new series follows Fox's character ("Mike Henry"), a news anchor who took a hiatus—not unlike Fox's real-life hiatus—to focus on his health after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, a disease with which Fox has also struggled.

The show captures Mike's return to his career, which is a delicate subject for him and is thusly approached with care by his family and boss, "Harris Green" (Pierce), who want to give Mike the impression that returning to work is his original idea.

"You know, it's not really a thing on the set," Brandt (Mike's wife "Annie") said of Fox's anticipated return to television. "It's like, 'Oh hey, this is our show and this is our family!' It's not like, 'O.K. guys, it's Mike's big return!'"

VIDEO: Michael J. Fox on His Big Return to Television

Although the show is not autobiographical in nature, there are apparent similarities between Fox and his character, particularly his struggle with Parkinson's, with which he was diagnosed over two decades ago.

As his cast mates declare, Fox's appearance on the series will give the public a view into his life with the disease.

"I think...it's going to...be a window for people to see people with any sort of condition or disability that there's still people that do amazing things," Brandt said. "It's not just about that. That's one part of whatever they've got going on and who they are."

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For more from Brandt and Pierce on The Michael J. Fox Show, including their bids for guest stars, watch the video above. The show premieres September 26 at 9 p.m. on NBC.