Kirstie Talks Sitcom Love Scene with John Travolta


Kirstie Alley and John Travolta first appeared together onscreen in the 1989 comedy flick Look Who's Talking, but the two are set to reunite again for Alley's new sitcom Kirstie and ET's Rob Marciano sat down with the duo to discuss the special episode, which features a love scene between the two longtime friends.

In the interview, Travolta reflected on the first time he met Alley, who had already been making a name for herself in Hollywood. "Well, she was reserved, believe it or not," he said. "The secret about Kirstie is that she's actually a very conservative person. She looks wild, but she's not."

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For her part, Alley makes no secret of the fact that she was already smitten with Travolta and actually had an early marriage crush on the star when she found out she might actually get to work with him. "Here's the real truth -- when I moved to Hollywood, I was going to marry John Travolta. So when I met him at my agent's house, I was trying to hold it together...without screaming, ‘My god, you want me to do a movie with him?!'"

On Alley's new TV Land series Kirstie -- debuting in December -- Travolta guest stars as a Broadway stagehand who ends up having a one-night stand with Alley's character.

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Travolta describes the character as anything but bright, but said he felt completely comfortable in the role. "I like playing dumb, I like being stupid. It actually does come easy for me, because I know I can be funny and make people laugh." But he adds, "He's a new creation of dumb, another level of stupid."

"We hook up in the show," Alley admits, while complimenting Travolta as "the best" she's worked with. "We always hook up in our movies, too, that's what we do."

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Regarding the pair's love scene in the episode scheduled to air early next year, Alley said it differed greatly from their first sexy scene decades ago. "We were in full clothes and we were laughing. Because when we did 'Look
Who's Talking,' my scene was in a little, skimpy short slip and a bra.
And weren't you [Travolta] nude or something? So now I have a
nightgown and he's got his T-shirt and we're like hmmmmm... give us 20
more years and see what we're wearing."

Watch the video to also hear Travolta's assessment of Alley's dancing during her recent stint on Dancing with the Stars!