SYTYCD Week 7: All-Stars in the Making

SYTYCD Week 7: All-Stars in the Making

This week on So You Think You Can Dance the all-stars returned to partner the Top 10, their inclusion clearly igniting a fuse within the contestants as they emblazoned the dance floor with stellar routines.

"They lifted them to no end," Nigel said of the affect the all-stars had on the contestants. "There was somebody jumping higher than them, there was somebody with better pointed toes and they had to raise their standard."

VIDEO: Backstage with the SYTYCD Top 10

Whether it was all-star Twitch, Melanie, Kathryn or Marko, for many of this season's contestants it was like dancing with their idol. And yet for the casual SYTYCD viewer it was nearly impossible to distinguish the "mentor" from the "protege," in performances that looked less like a campaign for America's votes and more of an audition to return to the show as a future all-star.

After receiving high remarks from the judges this week, Nigel admitted he sees an all-star in Amy. "It would be so cool to just come back and just be able to dance, just to dance. And I feel like by that time I would have grown so much more and to [be able to] show everyone that," a stunned Amy said of her prospects.

VIDEO: SYTYCD Contestants Are Pushed To Their Limit

Watch the video for a special moment caught between Paul and his former partner Makenzie who was sent home this week along with Nico. Also catch a reaction from guest judge Debbie Allen on her co-star Sandra Oh's departure after 10 seasons on Grey's Anatomy.

What was your favorite performance of the night and which all-star are you excited to see back on the show?