Downey Jr. Is All Sorts of Awesome in HTC AD


Robert Downey Jr. channels his Iron Man Tony Stark alter ego in a new, over-the-top ad for HTC, and it's all sorts of awesome.

Featuring Coen Bros. mainstay character actor Jon Polito at his side, Downey Jr. plays a "subversive thinking" genius in the new "Here's to Change" campaign showing that "HTC" can stand for anything -- and anything that Downey Jr. says goes. Like, for example, a Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran. Bam!

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By dispensing with talk of smartphones or Android, the clever ad injects energy and humor into the telephone company's pitch without the boring tech specs. There's also an interactive component, in which people can click an "HTC Generator" for more HTC inspirations (and, of course, any "hysterical text combinations" can be tweeted or Facebooked).