Fall TV Preview: 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland'


The swirling craze about ABC's fairytale series Once Upon a Time has spawned a spin-off, In Wonderland. With just as much enthusiasm brewing over the new series, ET sat down with its stars for a preview.

As suggested in the title, the series is based on Lewis Carroll's classic fairytale novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but with a twist. The core characters and story are at the heart of the story, but there's a darker undertone.

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"I think everybody can relate to this story. It's a story that we're all very familiar with, but this series is a new take on it," said Emma Rigby ("Red Queen"). "It's a reimagining of the classic novel. We're taking the characters to a more mature, darker place."

is set in the same universe as its parent show, which will allow it to have crossover episodes with Once Upon a Time, which will premiere its third season two weeks before Wonderland debuts.

"[We're] coming from the 'Once Upon a Time' brand, and what people know from that is it takes things that we recognize from stories that we've grown up with and it puts a modern twist on it that has adventure and mystery," said Peter Gadiot ("Cyrus"). "Every time you come back for the new episode, there's something surprising."

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The world of fantasy on the big screen and small screen these days almost always entails the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI). With the prevalent use of green screens on such projects, actors themselves are sometimes surprised to watch the polished version of their project.

Although most of the scenery is created on the computer, the Wonderland cast revealed that they are presented with elaborate sketches that help them visualize the scene that they're acting out.

"Sometimes when you do green-screen work, you really don't have an idea, but they have these fantastic illustrations, these graphic...posters which has a still of what we're doing," Gadiot revealed. "It gives us a great inspiration of the work; otherwise, we're just in this massive green warehouse."

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Check out the video above for a preview of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, which premieres October 10 at 8 p.m. on ABC.