Party With the Stars on 'Hollywood Game Night'

Party With the Stars on 'Hollywood Game Night'

Do you like fun, family game night where friends and relatives get together to play party games? Do you also like funny Hollywood celebrities? If you said yes to both, then you might really want to check out Hollywood Game Night, a new NBC game show, in the most literal sense of the word.

The premise is simple: ordinary people get the chance to win cash and prizes by playing party games with teams of entertaining celebs. And, to top off the festivities, Glee's Jane Lynch hosts the whole shebang.

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Stars like Matthew Perry, Aubrey Plaza, Felicity Huffman, Josh Gad and dozens of others get together each week to have a good time, and evoke the old-school TV heyday when fun, quirky shows like Battle of the Network Stars entertained America.

Check out the clip for a little taste of the fun and excitement to be had on Hollywood Game Night.

Hollywood Game Night
airs Thursdays, at 10/9c, on NBC.