Mystery Woman Shows Up 'Under the Dome'


In yet another mystery facing the residents of Chester's Mill, somehow a new woman will turn up Under the Dome on Monday's episode of the CBS hit.

In this sneak peek pic, a new character named Maxine (Natalie Zea of The Following) poses with Barbie (Mike Vogel), and from the looks of it, their characters are pretty chummy. According to CBS, Zea's character will make already-adversarial Barbie and Big Jim (Dean Norris) realize that their lives are "more intertwined than they knew." Intriguing.

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Of course, the most obvious question is how a new person could surface in a small town that has been completely cut off from civilization. Has Maxine been hiding somewhere in the depths of the old cement factory? Has she been lying unconscious the whole time, and that’s why we’ve never seen her? Or does she, by some miraculous stretch, have the ability to enter the dome from the outside? How do you think CBS will resolve this quandary? Answer in the comments below.

Tune in to Under the Dome on Monday, August 19 at 10 p.m. on CBS to see how Maxine's appearance is explained.