Sneak Peek: Angie's Seizure on 'Under the Dome'


Under the Dome continues to up the ante this Monday on CBS, as not only does a mysterious new woman show up, but Angie becomes the third young person to fall victim to a seizure.

In the clip above, Junior (Alexander Koch) continues his dogged pursuit of his one true love Angie (Britt Robertson), as he confronts her in the diner she has taken over after Rose's death. After Angie utters the fateful words, "The dome has nothing to do with me!" a plate of sausage and eggs drops from her hand dramatically as she falls to the ground in a seizure, chanting, "The pink stars are falling, the pink stars are falling in lines..." (Which describes exactly what has been happening in the egg in the mini-dome.)

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After last week's episode in which phantom Joe (Colin Ford) proclaimed, "The monarch will be crowned," and the later reveal of a (Monarch?) butterfly tattoo on Angie's back, one can only wonder what the dome has in store for Chester's Mill's most victimized resident.

Tune in to Under the Dome Monday night on CBS at 10 p.m. to find out!