Dania Ramirez Teases Huge 'Devious Maids' Shockers


Back in April I predictedDevious Maids would be my next TV obsession, and boy was I right!

Fiery females, smoking hot guys and the juiciest storylines TV has seen in years have made DM's first eight episodes some of the most flat-out enjoyable hours of my summer, and according to star Dania Ramirez, the last five installments crank up the heat -- big time!

Thankfully that won't be the last act for creator Marc Cherry's sublime small screen soap as Lifetime recently picked up the constantly-growing hit for a second season -- which, Dania told me, you'll get a taste of in the September 22 season finale!

ETonline: Congratulations on the second season. How much screaming did you do upon learning the news?

Dania Ramirez: Oh, there's always screaming involved with this business [laughs]. Honestly, we are beyond excited, but I knew from the beginning this was something really special and I'm so grateful for all the support. I had a blast making the show, I made great friends and, honestly, the reason why we got a second season is because that chemistry shows. It was a special project for all of us.

ETonline: I feel like Rosie has changed so much in only eight episodes. What have you enjoyed about her evolution?

Ramirez: I loved the character when I first read the pilot, but I was really excited because I saw the possibilities with her. There were just so many places to take her. She's this emotional being but full of strength. She's faced so many obstacles early in her life, even just coming to America to try and work. All of that takes a lot of courage, but at the same time she's in this melodramatic, insane world that allowed me to make her funny and witty. Love and friendship and family are the most important things to her, but she's so daring and does so many things that you wouldn't expect. Her unpredictability has been the most fun.

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ETonline: How greatly do you think Rosie -- and all the maids -- has been corrupted by the people she works for?

Ramirez: I think the maids are essentially good people, but they do get corrupted a little bit. I feel Rosie is always striving to get back to a good place though, and that's the thing I love about her the most. Sometimes she can be righteous in how straight she walks that line but there are things that happen as the result of the influence the people she works for have on her. Sometimes Rosie had no choice but to be a little corrupt, but she will always get back to a good place.

ETonline: How excited were you to learn Rosie would be the one to learn Marisol's secret?

Ramirez: I was beyond excited. That was also the first time the audience got to see Marisol being totally honest, so you got to go deeper into her life through Rosie. So to suddenly become her partner in crime, these undercover detectives, has been so fun. Plus, I get to work at The Powell House. I love how deviously devious Rebecca Wisocky is playing Mrs. Powell. We have some big back-and-forths coming up, and seeing Rosie stand up to this woman no one stands up to is kind of incredible. They both get backed into a corner and it's fun seeing how they get themselves out of it.

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ETonline: Well, Rosie found Flor's DVD last week, and the promos showed Mrs. Powell catching Rosie and Spence in the act. Is that the sticky situation you're referring to?

Ramirez: That's exactly right. You're talking about such a crazy character, and she's going to find a way to have things go her way as much as possible. She'll use everything in her arsenal. All I will say is that things get very complicated for Rosie once Evelyn finds out.

ETonline: Will we find out if Rosie is able to bring her son to America this season?

Ramirez: I'll say this, whether the Hispanic struggle in America is presented through Rosie trying to get her son here or the hurdles the women face on a daily basis, we will never stop exploring those themes. But you will get a payoff with Rosie's storyline, in terms of her son, by the end of season one.

ETonline: What are you excited for the fans to experience in the final few episodes?

Ramirez: To experience the unexpected, with all the characters. You will experience deeper love throughout all the relationships, you'll experience heartbreak, see growth in the friendships between these women and then, when you least expect it, Marc will pull the rug out from underneath you.

ETonline: Marc has said Flor's murder will be resolved before the season ends. Will we find out what the next big mystery is in the finale?

Ramirez: There's an incredible cliffhanger in the finale that will dictate the incredible adventure we'll take you on in season two. It's pretty cool and totally unexpected. It's also very different from the mystery of season one.

Devious Maids
airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.