Fall TV Preview: 'Lucky 7'


A huge jackpot transforms the lives of seven gas station employees (and not necessarily for the better) in the new ABC series Lucky 7, and ET caught up with two of the stars, Lorraine Bruce and Matt Long, for a chat prior to the program's primetime debut on September 24!

"The show is about the characters and their relationships with each other…and each character's life out of the gas station," Long explains of Lucky 7's premise, which explores the unexpected trials and tribulations associated with a quick influx of exorbitant amounts of money.

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As expected, the cash turns the blue-collar Queens workers' lives upside down, but Long says the real fun begins when the seven can't help but make bad decisions with their newfound dough.

"The lottery win is just sort of a catalyst to get things rolling even quicker and bigger and more fun and outrageous," he adds.

For co-star Lorraine Bruce, whose character suffers from body issues and depression in the onset of the show, self improvement becomes her obsession after the lottery win, but she ultimately comes to find that happiness can't be so easily bought.

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"I am a lovable woman, but I just feel terribly unloved," Bruce explains. "I decide I'm going to live my life for who I am and not what I think other people want me to be… and it's like the choices I can make get so much bigger and I think a lot of the fun will be sort of joining in with that going, 'Okay, is this is the right choice? This is the wrong choice. I so would do that! What is she doing now?!'"

Lucky 7 premieres September 24 on ABC.