Dr. Oz Responds to Crash & Comments on 5k Rescue

Dr. Mehmet Oz

TV star Dr. Mehmet Oz responded to the scene of a taxi crash in New York City on Tuesday in which a woman was seriously injured when the cab jumped the curb near a crowded intersection.

"As Dr. Oz responded to an accident outside his office, the NYC emergency first responders, who are the among best in the world, were already treating a woman who had been struck by a cab," a rep for The Dr. Oz Show host told ET in a statement. "The paramedics expertly treated the woman at the scene with the help of a Good Samaritan who used his belt as a tourniquet. Our thoughts and prayers are with the woman and her family."

According toNBC New York, the taxi cab driver swerved to avoid hitting a bicyclist and struck the woman, severing one of her legs.

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It is the second time in less than a week that Dr. Oz has provided medial aid to someone in need. He was running a 5k run in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday when a man collapsed next to him.

The runner could not breathe and frothy fluid was coming from his lungs, indicating pulmonary edema (drowning in your own secretions). After listening to his heart, Dr. Oz got oxygen on him and transferred 3 bags intravenously before transferring him to the hospital, where he was stabilized.

The man's tentative diagnosis was heat stroke combined with a possible heart arrhythmia, and Dr. Oz later paid the man a visit in  the hospital (pictured above) and reported he was doing much better.

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