'Fred' Creator Lucas Cruikshank Reveals He's Gay


YouTube sensation-turned TV star Lucas Cruikshank has come out as gay in typical style -- by posting an internet video!

The actor and creator of the widely successful YouTube shorts starring his character Fred Figglehorn revealed his sexuality in a new video that featured questions from viewers. Lucas appears in the video with his friend Jennifer Veal, a star of the Disney Channel show Jessie.

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When Jennifer relays a viewer's question and asks "Are you gay?," Lucas responds, "I'm gay... I feel so weird saying it." He then adds: "My family and friends have known for like three years. I just haven't felt the need to post it on the internet." When questioned, Jennifer also admits that she knew her friend was gay the first time the two met.

Lucas first got famous in 2007 when he created his character Fred for a YouTube series, which eventually spawned three films and a television series. He most recently starred in the Nickelodeon series Marvin Marvin.

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Lucas reflected on his success in an interview with ETonline last year. "I'd always wanted to be in the entertainment business," he said. "But when I first started YouTube-ing, fame wasn't on my mind. This was before [Justin Bieber] had been discovered online, so that wasn't a thought in my mind. I was just having fun with my family and friends. I thought it would be like MySpace, where only your friends could see it, but I quickly discovered that the entire world could see it."