Ashley Hylton On Life After 'Extreme Weight Loss'

Ashley Hylton On Life After 'Extreme Weight Loss'

This year, ABC's Extreme Weight Loss introduced us to Ashley Hylton, a very sweet woman with a tragic past. With the help of the show's trainer Chris Powell, and the support of her dedicated husband Jason, Ashley was able to transform her body, and her soul.

Ashley sat down with ET to talk about the hardships she has faced before and after Extreme Weight Loss, and the changes she has learned to make in her life.

The tragedy that haunted Ashley stemmed from the loss of her daughter a number of years ago.

"Shortly after we were married, we found out I was pregnant," Ashley told ET. "I was about five months… and I kind of just felt like something wasn't right. It was like a mom instinct I think."

Ashley went to the hospital and discovered that she was going into labor, and there was nothing the doctors could do to stop it. She ended up giving birth very prematurely, and the baby didn't survive. Doctors told her that many factors contributed to the premature birth, but one of the chief factors was Ashley being overweight.

Unable to deal with the trauma of the incident, Ashley buried her feelings and began to spiral out of control. She put on 80 to 100 pounds and never talked about the incident.

One of the things that happened on the show was that she learned she wasn't alone, and during the course of the Extreme Weight Loss episode, she learned that it was okay to grieve and mourn the loss of her baby.

Her husband, Jason, was by her side during the episode, exercising and dieting with her, and supporting her physical and emotional transformation.

During the show, Ashley lost 168 pounds and Jason lost 170. With their bodies reformed, they thought the timing was great when they discovered that Ashley was pregnant again, soon after the show was completed. However, tragedy struck again when Ashley miscarried ten weeks later.

"That was difficult for me, I got scared because I could feel myself falling back into where I was with Ava." Ava was the daughter Ashley lost before. "All those memories came back and I kind of felt debilitated. And then I kind of realized that that's okay. I need to be sad, I need to be human, I need to mourn. If I don't feel like hanging out with people that day because I'm sad, that's okay. I don't have to put on a front and a happy face. I just need to deal with it."

Ashley and Jason are managing to deal with the tragedy together, by supporting each other emotionally, as well as supporting each other when it comes to diet and exercise.

They even manage to get their 5-year-old son Tyler in on the healthy living. According to the Hyltons, their son is a very indoor child, with a love for TV and videogames. But they manage to get him to eat healthy, and even to ride around the neighborhood on his bike.

"Ultimately, I think all the sacrifices that we made this year were well worth it," said Jason.

Check out the video to see more from Ashley on life after Extreme Weight Loss, which airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.