Fall TV Preview: 'Capture'

Fall TV Preview: 'Capture'

As reality competition series continue to evolve, some are also becoming more intense, as is survival show Capture, which is being compared to The Hunger Games. ET caught up with host Luke Tipple for an overview of the new series.

pits twelve teams against each other in what they call the "Hunting Grounds," a high-tech wilderness compound, where different teams are elected as the hunters each week. In addition to be pursued, the hunted are surviving on limited food rations and are wearing devices that emit their whereabouts to the hunters.

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"Competitors, if they want to succeed, are required to be mentally strong. They have to be," said Tipple, who has hosted other nature-based shows on National Geographic and Discovery Channel. "We're putting them under such physical duress that they start to break down, so the only thing that gets them through is being mentally strong."

Among the twelve teams, each comprised of two competitors, are college friends, brothers, a couple, and a pair of twins, most of whom are in their early- to mid-twenties.

After the hunter captures two teams, the remaining competitors vote on which team will stay and which team will leave the competition. As the competition narrows, so does the playing field.

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"As Game Master, it's my job to make life difficult for them and to force them compete," Tipple said. "...Being exposed when you start to hide by alarms going off on your vests and you popping up on a digital map showing the hunt team where you are can be very taxing."

At the culmination of it all, the master of the strenuous game of physical and mental will be rewarded with a prize of $250,000.

"Doing that for a month while hunting each other and watching different teams getting picked off, I don't think towards the end of that competition anybody's going to be having fun. At that point it's just about survival and it's just about getting to the end," the Australian marine biologist added.

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Watch the video for Tipple's breakdown of Capture, which continues Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.