Exclusive: BTS 'Trophy Wife' with Malin Akerman


A month before the brand-new comedy series Trophy Wife premieres, ET was exclusively invited to production of an episode and chatted with star Malin Akerman and the cast afterwards.

There is a stigma that surrounds the term "trophy wife," but creators Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins and company are showcasing the label in a different light that takes a fuller look beyond the façade of a pretty woman and the unique situation she gotten herself into.

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"The title's intended to be a little bit tongue-in-cheek because that's obviously how everyone will perceive her, but it's not who she is or who she wants to be," said co-creator Sarah Haskins, whose similar experience marrying an older man with a complex family situation was the inspiration for the show.

Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman takes on the role of the titular character, whose lifestyle drastically changes from that of an independent young woman to that of a stepmother of three children when she marries an older man with two ex-wives.

"She basically is this woman who lives a kind of frivolous life, didn't have much responsibility, has a best friend, dated all the wrong guys, and then all of a sudden meets 'Pete' (Bradley Whitford)...and falls in love with this older man...and all of sudden she becomes an insta-mom and it's a whole new thing for her," Akerman said of her character.

VIDEO: Fall TV Preview: 'Trophy Wife'

As her acting career continues to develop on the big and small screens, Akerman is also branching out into the world of producing for Trophy Wife.

"It's so nice to be a producer on the show," the 35-year-old actress said. "..To be part of the creative process and the casting process and actually have a voice...has been really nice. ... I think there's a certain point as an actor [that] you just want to move ahead and get to the next step and try of different hats."

As she swaps a pair of hats on Trophy Wife Akerman is also juggling the newest hat to her collection, mother, as she gave birth to her first child with her husband earlier this year.

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"He's on set with me every day," Akerman said of her four-month-old boy. "...I get to see him in between takes and at lunch time. ... It actually has been working out really well. I was a bit anxious going back to work after having four months just straight baby time...but I think we're doing alright."

Watch the video for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Trophy Wife, which premieres September 24 at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.